Program Overview

ISLS 2022 Conference Format Decision Policy

After discussion with the conference committee chairs, the ISLS president, and the ISLS Board, we have decided that the ISLS 2022 Annual Meeting will take place fully online. We will use Whova and Gather as we did for the 2021 Annual Meeting.

The proposed timetable is displayed below. We will use two overlapping time zones—”JST and America,” and “JST and Europe/Africa”—for participants to present their works and exchange their ideas with the audiences. We will make our best effort to schedule every presentation in a convenient time slot. However, we may ask participants to present in the early morning or late at night in some cases. Please understand that the time differences around the globe make this necessary.

In addition to the fully online conference, we plan to hold local events in Hiroshima. When we announce them we will ask ISLS members if they would like to travel to participate in the conference in person.

Here is the updated schedule we are currently considering (please note that this is still a tentative plan):

ISLS2022 timetable
ISLS2022 Timetable Time Zones
ISLS2022 Timetable Daily Events