ISLS2022 is on the horizon and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is excited to virtually host ISLS members from around the globe. The five days of the annual meeting promise to engage members with an exciting array of innovative research from a plurality of perspectives and methodologies. There will be planned social events and opportunities for virtual mingling and networking. These will occur across multiple time zones, essentially around-the-clock, to allow participation from every continent. There will also be some local events in Hiroshima for those who can attend in person.

Planning for such a complex meeting, with its dual conference programs, entails substantial time, funds, and effort. In this communication we wish to provide a glimpse “under the hood” of these efforts to increase transparency and appreciation of the costs involved in organizing such an event.

Below is a breakdown of the major categories of expenditures for the annual meeting. The anticipated overall costs for ISLS2022 is approximately $100,000.

ISLS 2022 Budget

The bulk of expenditures, over 50%, cover personnel. This includes compensating all those involved in managing the website and registration, supporting and managing online sessions (including recording and uploading), keynotes, etc. Ensuring the smooth operation of all technology aspects during the conference entails substantial person power. In addition, keynote speakers are provided with honoraria. Expenditures constituting the remaining costs include the following: 1) Software and applications that support submissions, presentations, registration system, social interactions (online); 2) Onsite rental fees for space to support members of the local organizing committee staff and potentially for local events LOC hosting); 3) Conference proceedings and other materials (e.g., logo and opening video, and the planned cultural performances (materials); 4) Equipment rental, transportation for the LOC, and other miscellaneous costs (misc.).

We have shared this information hoping that it will provide members with some insight regarding the costs of the annual meeting and consequently an understanding of what registration fees cover. While there are fewer expenses associated with online as compared to onsite meetings, virtual meetings are nevertheless complex and require personnel and a variety of technologies to be effective. Importantly, our virtual meetings provide opportunities to engage with new and exciting research and researchers that are invaluable for sustaining us professionally (and personally).

Looking forward to seeing you at ISLS2022. Join us for an exciting, inspiring, and fulfilling meeting!